Cities connected with Ancona Airport

List of destinations and airlines operating at Ancona Airport.

Summer 2023 outbound flights timetable 

Summer 2023 inbound flights timetable

Last update: August 31, 2023

Barcelona - NEW from 01/10/2023 Spain Aeroitalia
Bruxelles Charleroi Belgium Ryanair
Bucharest - NEW from 01/10/2023 Romania Aeroitalia
Cagliari Italy Volotea
Catania Italy Ryanair
Catania Italy Volotea
Krakow Poland Ryanair
Dusseldorf Niederrhein Germany Ryanair
London Gatwick United Kingdom Ryanair
London Stansted United Kingdom Ryanair
Milan Linate - NEW from 01/10/2023 Italy Aeroitalia
Munich Germany Lufthansa
Naples - NEW from 01/10/2023 Italy Aeroitalia
Olbia Italy Volotea
Palermo Italy Volotea
Paris France Volotea
Rome - NEW from 01/10/2023 Italy Aeroitalia
Tirana Albania Albawings
Tirana Albania Wizz Air
Wien - NEW from 01/10/2023 Austria Aeroitalia