Rules for transport

Not all Airlines provide for the transport of pets, so, in order to have a safe journey with your pet, it is essential to contact the Airline in advance and follow the relevant advice provided by the Italian Ministry of Health.

The service is limited and always subject to payment; booking is compulsory and subject to confirmation. Not all types of pets are accepted for transport with the passenger, and it is necessary to check the restrictions established by the countries included in the itinerary and by the Airlines involved in terms of health documentation required and the transport procedures.

Small pets

Small pets may travel in the cabin in a closed container with a waterproof, absorbent bottom enabling the pet to turn around comfortably. The container must comply with the Airline’s instructions regarding the rigidity or softness of the structure, as well as its size and maximum total weight.

Large pets

Transport in a pressurised hold is mandatory. The container must be approved for air transport and adequate for the size and weight of the pet, which must be able to stand and turn around. The characteristics of the container must comply with the Airline’s specifications in terms of size and total weight.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are carried in the cabin with the passenger and sit at the passenger’s feet during the flight. In order to use this service, the dog must be accompanied by general health documentation and an assistance dog card – or an equivalent certification – and must wear the appropriate collar, leash and/or muzzle. The transport of assistance dogs is subject to restrictions but is always free of charge.

Medical documents

Each pet must be accompanied by its own pet Passport containing its details, a list of vaccinations received, medical examinations carried out and any further treatment required depending on the country of destination. Near the time of departure, the veterinarian will certify that the pet is in a fit state for flight by stamping the relevant page.

Domestic flights

For flights over Italian national territory, the pet’s Health Booklet or Passport is normally required to prove its health and vaccination status.

E.U. countries

For entry and transit in EU countries, please refer to the indications provided by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Non-E.U. countries

As to trips with pets to all other countries, it is advisable to contact the veterinary service of the ASUR (Regional Health Authority) responsible for the area in order to check the procedures and certifications required by each third country. Useful information can also be found on the website of the Italian Ministry of Health and on the websites of the authorities of the country of destination.

Entry into Italy

To learn about the health documentation required for entry into Italy of pets accompanying the traveller, please refer to the website of the Italian Ministry of Health, which is also available in English, and to the health service of the ASUR responsible for the area.